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What sorts of benefits can you expect when moving from a metro area to a regional location?

As First National is official partner of the Regional Victoria Living Expo, we’ll be taking a look at some of the reasons people move to regional areas of Australia and the types of benefits they find when they’ve completed their move. With state Governments offering incentives, what’s the buzz about and what sorts of benefits can you expect if you move from a metro area to a regional centre?

We tend to find that people relocating from metro areas are firstly surprised at how much more convenient country living really is and what it offers, not just for families, but also for retirees and working couples or individuals.

People quickly discover that day-to-day activities like trips to the supermarket or doctor are remarkably less frustrating. Even if they do have to travel a few more kilometres than they did in the city, the absence of traffic congestion and snarls often makes the journey so much faster and enjoyable. Plus, parking is usually much easier and waiting times shorter. And… people are, almost always, more welcoming.

The next most common discovery is that, contrary to popular metropolitan opinion, a social life in the country can be every bit as sophisticated as that of life in the big smoke. The reality is that when you get to the country, you’ll soon discover that you’re no pioneer. Plenty of urbanites have already found their way to the regional location of your choice and have already been enjoying the lifestyle benefits for years.

Naturally, property prices are usually much more affordable in regional locations so, whereas you may feel somewhat squeezed by your metro digs, a regionally located home is likely to gain you features you could only have dreamed of in the city.

Obviously, it’s not all a bed of roses but this post is about some of the benefits. We’ll get to some of the pitfalls and things to watch out for in future posts.

So, if you’ve been dreaming about making your big move, don’t just keep watching re-runs of ‘Escape to the Country‘. If you’re in metro Melbourne, get yourself along to the Regional Victoria Living Expo (April 27-29) and, if you’re anywhere else in Australia, post your comments or questions below and First National will do its best to provide the answers.

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